One Hundred Years History From A Gold Medal And A Death


The V Olympic Games were held in Stockholm between the 24th of June and the 27th of July of 1912 and the 24 years old Kostis Tsiklitiras from Pilos won the Gold Medal in Standing Jump (with 3.37m.). It was his 4th consecutive Olympic Medal. He had already won 2 Silver Medals in London in 1908, at the same event (with 3.23m.) and in the High Jump (with 1.55m.), while he completed his quartet in 1912 with another Silver in High Jump. All of them with standing position.

On October 18, 1912 was declared the First Balkan War and Kostis Tsiklitiras was called to the arm. Greece with Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria sought independence fighting against Turkey.

Kostis Tsiklitiras was in the midst of war and the battle of Bizani. He was not injured, but suffered from acute meningitis which has bacterial or toxic causes. As a common soldier he was hospitalized in conditions of war and died. It was February 10, 1913. Shortly before the end of the First Balkan War and beginning of the second.

One hundred years ago, the Gold Medal and the death of an Olympic Medalist. One hundred years ago, the Peaceful Games and the Fight for Freedom.