The Greek Olympians In Science And Letters

More than 100 “Olympians” after their career in sports followed a career in Sciences, Art and Letters. Among the 1.604 athletes who had the opportunity and the honor to participate in Olympic Games (1896 – 2012) there are 106 athletes who built a professional career in the highest educational level. This fact is rather interesting since employment with sports in championship level usually leads to training sector due to the experience and the knowledge that have been acquired in the field of the sport that each of them perform.

An effort to collect the data reveals that Lawyers constitute the dominant profession since 15 athletes have chosen Law Science, which has led them to become Ministers (4), Members of the Parliament (8), Mayors (3) or even a Prefect (1). Moreover, many of them (11) have become Economists and they mainly excelled at significant positions in Banking Sector. There is a significant number of Olympians coming from the sports of Shooting and Fencing who reached the rank of the General (10) – mainly before the War. There are also 8 doctors specified in various sectors while 7 are Academics. The profession of the teacher was followed by 5 Olympians and there are also some Journalists – 2 of them became editors- and these are Aggelos Lambrou and Ioannis Lambrou both owning Greek editions in the USA.

Three of them are Dentists including Vasilis Papageorgopoulos who has become Member of the Parliament-Minister-Mayor while 3 have become Interpreters of University level.

Hereinafter there is a table with the names after a huge effort to present it as complete as possible:


Andreadis Georgios Sailing Economist
Ampalov Georgios Fencing Pharmacist
Anastasiou Savina-Aglaia Swimming Phychologist
Antikatzidi Hainti Equestrian Interpreter
Arvaniti Vicky Volleyball Nutritionist
Avlonitou Eleni Swimming Physiologist
Baltatzis-Mavrokordatos Nikolaos Water Polo Minister
Chatzisarantos Ioannis Fencing Lawyer
Chrysafis Evangelos Shooting Doctor Med.
Crysafis Ioannis Gymnastics Professor
Dara Sophia Swimming Doctor Med.
Dimas Pyrros Weight Lifting Member of the Parliament
Dimoshaki Zoi Swimming Nutritionist
Dorizas Michalis Athletics Academic
Douka Athina Shooting Civil Engineer
Efstathiou Elvira Swimming Doctor Med.
Exarhou Aggeliki Swimming Teacher
Fasoulas Panagiotis Basketball Member of the Parliament
Fillipidis Konstantinos Athletics Economist
Fragoudis Ioannis Shooting General
Fray Athina Sailing Interpreter
Georgiadis Ioannis Fencing Forensic Examiner
Gerasimou Anna Tennis Teacher
Gionis Panagiotis Table Tennis Dentist
Iosifidou Sophia Water Polo Teacher
Kalafatis Georgios Football Doctor Med.
Kanellakis Pavlos Shooting Economist
Kanellopoulos Kanellos Cycling Painter
Kapralos Spyros Water Polo Economist
Karakalos Tilemachos Fencing General
Karasevdas Pantelis Shooting Member of the Parliament
Karolou Christofors Sailing Economist
Karvelas Filippos Gymnastics Professor
Kasoumis Dimitrios Shooting General
Ketseas Ioannis Athletics Economist
Kolovos Dimitrios Swimming Professor
Kontosoros Spyros Athletics Academic
Koskinas Evangelos Swimming Doctor Med.
Kotronis Dimitrios Shooting General
Kotzias Konstantinos Fencing Minister
Kougevetopoulos Dimitrios Water Polo Chemical Enginer
Koukodimos Konstantinos Athletics Minister
Kounadis Antonios Athletics Academic
Kouvelogiannis Andreas Athletics Journalist
Kozompoli Stavroula Water Polo Economist
Lambrou Aggelos Athletics Editor
Lambrou Ioannis Basketball/Athletics Editor
Lamprakis Grigorios Athletics Doctor Med.
Leman Greta Equestrian Economist
Lembesis Aggelos Winter Sports Architect
Linoxilakis Konstantinos Football Economist
Liveris Georgios Shooting Journalist
Liveris Dionysios Shooting Journalist
Loundras Dimitrios Gymnastics Admiral
Lykomitros Vasileios Rowing Doctor
Maganoudaki Dimitra Fencing Professor
Magnisali Barbara Gymnastics Psychologist
Mahaira Tonia Swimming Nutritionist
Makridakis Spyros Sailing Professor
Maltsi Evanthia Basketball Nutritionist
Marmaridis Georgios Shooting Journalist
Marsellos Georgios Athletics Economist
Matsa Martha Swimming Teacher
Mattheou Fedon Basketball/Rowing Agroculturist
Mavrotas Georgios Water Polo Professor
Metaxas Anastasios Shooting Architect
Mylonas Konstantinos Shooting Architect
Nikolaidis Apostolos Football Lawyer
Nikolaidis Pantelis Athletics Member of the Parliament
Nikoli Elena Handball Translator-Interpreter
Nikolopoulos Konstantinos Fencing Mayor of the City of Athens
Ntoskas Georgios Water Polo Doctor Med.
Orphanidis Apostolos Shooting Doctor Med.
Orphanidis Georgios Shooting Lawyer
Palios Ioannis Water Polo Lawyer
Papadimas Aggelos Shooting General
Papageorgopoulos Vasileios Athletics Minister
Paparrodou Nikolaos Fencing General
Paraskevopoulos Panagiotis Athletics Doctor Med.
Patavoukas Konstantinos Basketball Member of the Parliament
Patsou Froso Athletics Professor
Petris Antonios Equestrian Civil Engineer
Potamianos Charalampos Sailing Chief of Hellenic Air Force
Sakorafa Sophia Athletics Member of the Parliament
Sambanis Leonidas Weight Lifting Pharmacist
Savvas Dimitrios Water Polo General in Fire Service
Sfikas Konstantinos Athletics Lawyer
Sidiropoulou Niki Fencing Journalist
Skafida Aphroditi Athletics Professor
Skarlatos Konstantinos Shooting General
Skourtis Dimitrios Athletics Lawyer
Smith Sophia Football Lawyer
Stathis Dimitrios Shooting Lawyer
Trikoupis Nikolaos Shooting General
Tsiartsiani Maria Volleyball Jurist
Tsiavou Alexandra Rowing Teacher
Tziortzis Stavros Athletics Professor
Tzoumaras Markos Shooting Economist
Tzovlas Nikolaos Shooting General
Valatas Ilias Shooting Lawyer
Vamvakas Georgios Athletics Dentist
Vasilopoulos Dionysios Water Polo Lawyer
Vgenopoulos Andreas Fencing Lawyer
Vichos Georgios Shooting Prefect
Vlagkalis Nikolaos Sailing Mechanical Engineer/Electr
Zalokostas Christos Shooting Member of the Parliament
Zarzavatzidis Dimitrios Weight Lifting Professor